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  • Re-evaluation is not applicable on Practical Papers, Auxiliary Exam and Re-evaluation Result.
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  • Deposite Re-evaluation fee in bank then deposite form and challan to student dealing office.
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Examination 2017, Summer(Main/ATKT)
Declared Results List
S.No Course Name Result Declared onRe-Evaluation Result Declared on
1B Pharm Semester II18-Jul-1724-Aug-17
2B Pharm Semester IV18-Jul-1704-Sep-17
3B Pharm Semester VI11-Jul-1730-Aug-17
4B Pharm Semester VIII28-Jun-1701-Aug-17
5B.Com. Semester II12-Jul-1705-Sep-17
6B.Com. Semester IV15-Jul-1724-Aug-17
7B.Sc. CBBT Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
8B.Sc. CBBT Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
9B.Sc. CBBT Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
10B.Sc. CBPHLT Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
11B.Sc. CBZ Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
12B.Sc. CBZ Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
13B.Sc. CBZ Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
14B.Sc. CBZPHLT Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
15B.Sc. CBZPHLT Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
16B.Sc. CBZPHLT Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
17B.Sc. CBZPT Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
18B.Sc. CBZPT Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
19B.Sc. CBZPT Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
20B.Sc. CZBT Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
21B.Sc. CZBT Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
22B.Sc. CZBT Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
23B.Sc. CZPHLT Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
24B.Sc. PCM Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
25B.Sc. PCM Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
26B.Sc. PCM Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
27B.Sc. PCMPHLT Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
28B.Sc. PCMPHLT Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
29B.Sc. PCMPHLT Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
30B.Sc. PCMPT Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
31B.Sc. PCMPT Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
32B.Sc. PCMPT Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
33B.Sc. PMCS Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
34B.Sc. PMCS Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
35B.Sc. PMCS Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
36B.Sc. PME Semester II13-Aug-1707-Oct-17
37B.Sc. PME Semester IV26-Jul-1715-Sept-17
38B.Sc. PME Semester VI04-Jul-1711-Sept-17
39BBA Semester II09-Jul-1709-Sept-17
40BBA Semester IV09-Jul-1729-Aug-17
41BBA Semester VI09-Jun-1730-Aug-17
42BCA Semester II21-Jul-1710-Sept-17
43BCA Semester IV11-Jul-1710-Sept-17
44BCA Semester VI12-Jun-1714-Aug-17
45D Pharm Year I29-Jun-1729-Aug-17
46D Pharm Year II29-Jun-1711-Aug-17
47M Pharm(PH) Semester II16-Aug-1707-Oct-17
48M Pharm(PH) Semester IV07-Jun-17
49M Pharm(PL) Semester II16-Aug-1707-Oct-17
50M Pharm(PL) Semester IV07-Jun-17
51M.Sc.(Bot) Semester II18-Jul-1713-Sept-17
52M.Sc.(Bot) Semester IV24-Jun-1711-Sept-17
53M.Sc.(BT) Semester II18-Jul-1713-Sept-17
54M.Sc.(BT) Semester IV27-May-17
55M.Sc.(Chem) Semester II10-Jul-1713-Sept-17
56M.Sc.(Chem) Semester IV19-Jun-1711-Sept-17
57M.Sc.(Phy) Semester II30-Jul-1717-Sept-17
58M.Sc.(Phy) Semester IV28-Jul-1713-Sept-17
59M.Sc.(Zoo) Semester II03-Jul-1711-Sept-17
60M.Sc.(Zoo) Semester IV03-Jul-1711-Sept-17
61MBA Semester II15-Jul-1729-Aug-17
62MBA Semester IV24-Jun-1711-Sept-17
63MCA Semester II27-Jul-17
64MCA Semester IV09-Aug-1722-Sept-17
65MCA Semester VI14-Jul-17
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